DC Office Cleaning.

This is Your Opportunity to Save Time at Your Medical Office

Delegate your office cleaning to professionals.

  • No Lengthy Contracts
  • Supply Management
  • Flex Scheduling
  • Flat Rates

One last thing before you leave for the day…

Clean poop from toilets.

Collect malodorous trash.

Mop…we’re doing that right?

What is your time really worth?

Are you an office manager? Your responsibilities maintaining customer relationships, managing staff, bringing in new customers and putting out fires  are some of the most important activities in any company. People professionally do these jobs and earn commensurate wages for them.

Are you a professional in a highly skilled field that requires years of education and training? Are you making in excess of six figures?

Cleaning toilets is a $15 an hour job.

If you were to calculate what you make in half an hour, would it even make sense for you to consider picking up a toilet brush? 

Working an hour in your profession easily earns more than the time wasted on a toilet any day.


You already achieve success in so many ways.

You can have more of the outcomes you want.

It’s time to make your next move.