National Hot Chocolate Day


National Hot Chocolate Day

by | Jan 30, 2024

When the cacao is ground and roasted, the result is called cocoa. Creating chocolate requires a fermentation process which yields higher nutrients.Here we go with another random holiday! This time it is national hot chocolate day. Why is this a thing? No one knows. What we do know is hot chocolate is a nice thing on a cold day, and kids love it too.

National hot chocolate day is celebrated on January 31 in America. 

A Brief History

Chocolate comes from the Theobroma tree which is native of the Amazon rain forest. The Theobroma has pods (cacao) which contain about 20 beans. 

The Mayans domesticated the cacao over 5,000 years ago. They used the beans as currency and produced drinks which were used in religious ceremonies.

When the Spanish came in contact with the Mayan and other cultures of the Central American region, they were introduced to the cacao and brought it back to Europe.

The Europeans mixed the cocoa with sugar and milk to produce a sweet beverage. The drink became popular across Europe by the mid 17th century. 

Full disclosure, as a child I was not a fan of hot chocolate. Also, candy corn are surpassed in their unsavory taste only by the vile black licorice.

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is different from hot cocoa. In fact many people enjoy hot cocoa while thinking it is hot chocolate.

The thing to remember is this: hot chocolate is made from chocolate. It is thicker and richer than hot cocoa. Drinking hot chocolate is more like drinking a melted chocolate bar. Most of the time, hot cocoa is made in homes by using a packet of powder mixed with hot water. It is a thinner drink with a sweeter taste.

Easy Recipe



  1. Milk
  2. Chocolate chips


1. Grab a frying pan and put the stove on medium low.

2. Pour in the milk and chocolate chips.

3. Mix it for a couple of minutes until you have a nice chocalaty consistency.

4. Serve it up!

Last Thoughts

Today, hot chocolate is enjoyed all over the world by children and adults.

Personally, I like the Dunkaccino at Dunkin Donuts. It is half hot chocolate and half coffee. Try it instead of your usual cup of coffee.




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